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Welcome to SOS Ambulance Udara

SOS Ambulance Udara is an organization who provides reliable patient evacuation services where either a traditional transportation unable to reach the scene easily or quickly enough, or the patient needs to be transported over a distance or terrain that makes air transportation the most practical transport.

We are able to give you options on the cheapest method of patient transfer, either using our own private medical jets or using commercial airlines escorted by our medical specialist from Singapore & Malaysia.

We had focused our services to transfer ICU-to-ICU / Bed-to-Bed patients from all local hospitals in Indonesia to all hospitals in Singapore/Malaysia and back home.

Our medical staffs are supplied with equipments that enables to provide treatment to a critically injured or ill patient includes emergency rescue kits, ventilator, cardiac pacemaker, infusion pump, resuscitation kits and other monitoring units. The medical team will come from Singapore with Singapore crew members.

As we are the medical partner for hospitals in Singapore & Malaysia (KL-Penang), we are able to give one-stop solution that include hospital registration and admission, appropriate specialists referral, initial assessment by our local agents/medical staffs, medical clearance, ground handling, airport handling, and final coordination with ground medical staff who stand by in Airport and also in hospital emergency care.